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Gary McLaughlin is the owner and president of D.M.O. Productions, a digital recording and Post Production facility in Sherman Oaks, Ca. where Gary brings his many talents together. Here he produces, edits, and engineers projects of all kinds.

The invaluable quality that Gary brings to any team is his incredible ear for sound. Gary opened his first Recording Studio in 1984 and later assembled a digital studio for recording artist Jose Feliciano and performed engineering duties for him. He also played as a member in Feliciano's band. Gary has also produced albums for Gavin Christopher (songwriter for Chaka Khan's #1 hit "ONCE YOU GET STARTED"), and Buddy Miles (drummer for legendary artist Jimi Hendrix). As a songwriter, he has created source music for films and TV. Also a star percussionist and session conga player, Gary's sense of multi-level timing is absolutely mesmerizing.

Gary edited "THE BEST OF WARNER BROTHERS", a project combining thousands of clips of legendary WB films into a superb tapestry which is shown all over the world, and daily to the thousands of visitors who come from everywhere to take part in the WB Studio Tour. He recently spent several hundred hours perfecting the editing, sound effects, dialogue, and music for "TALES OF THE LITTLE PRINCESS" a full length animated musical headlined by Paige O'Hara (Belle in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST") and featuring 61 top Hollywood and Broadway Stars.

After leaving Warner Bros., Gary worked for PSSI (Pacific Satellite Services Inc.) where he worked on every type of video shoot
imaginable. From the red carpet at the Oscars and Golden Globes to personal interviews with many of Hollywood's stars and executives, such as Bob Iger, president of Disney. At PSSI, he honed his location audio skills and also was able to work with some of the most talented cameramen in the business. He learned their "tricks of the trade" and was groomed in the art of shooting guerilla style and working as an ENG newsperson.

Gary took those skills and worked as a location audio engineer on reality TV shows and also became Michael Jackson's personal "behind the scenes" videographer and editor. He worked extensively on Michael's final project, the "This Is It" dance auditions and rehearsals for his sold out shows in England.

After Michael's death, Gary was hired as video director for the Mrs. America, Mrs. World, Miss Asia and Miss Latina Global beauty pageants. He has travelled extensively with these pageants and continues to this day in this capacity.

Gary was recently elected to the board of directors of Stevie Wonder's "Musication", an organization that specializes in teaching music education to the children in the inner city schools of South Los Angeles and is working to spread the organization nationwide.


Gary McLaughlin: Resume

Areas of Expertise:

1. Video Production
         With both SD (VX 2000) and HD (Sony Z7U 1080i), Gary has been involved in every type of shoot. From a single camera interview to a 5 camera HD shoot.
         Gary has a Full Location Audio Kit including FP33 mixer, wireless and hardwired lavs, boom and shotgun mics.

2. Audio Production
         With a full 64 track Pro Tools Studio, Gary can handle the most complicated Sound Effects projects including ADR, Foley, VO’s and full Music production. Location audio is also a specialty of his. Whether a simple interview or a Feature length film, Gary has the equipment and the answer for any type of situation that may arise during production.

3. Editing
         Gary has over 15 years experience in the editing field. At Warner Brothers he experienced the transformation from tape editing to Non Linear editing
He has a Full Final Cut Pro X studio with all the “bells and whistles”.
He is proficient in After Effects, Photoshop, Motion, Live Type, Flash, Fireworks, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor and Color correction.

4. Web design
         Using the latest versions of Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and all the other tools in his studio, Gary is able to put together web sites that are state of the art, incorporating all his Video, Audio and Editing skills to build professional and inovative web sites that stand out among the rest.

5. Work History

         Worked as a musician playing Percussion for acts such as Zephyr from Boulder Co., Buddy Miles, Jose Felliciano, The Supremes, The Brothers Johnson, and The Temptations.

         Started DMO Productions which was a studio complex that handled everything from Sound effects, Foley, ADR, Video editing, to full CD music production.

         DMO Productions moved its studios onto the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA. There Gary was in charge of Audio/Video Postproduction for Kellahin Productions, where he worked on projects of all kinds, including “The Best of Warner Brothers” which is a film that is shown every day to all the visitors attending the Warner Bros. studios tour.

         Re-opened DMO Productions at a new location off the lot, also in Burbank. Music Production and Sound for film were the major functions of this studio.

         Along with running DMO, Gary started working for Pacific Satellite Services Inc. in Los Angeles. Here he honed his Location Audio skills. He also began working closely with high level cameramen. From them, he learned the fine art of guerilla shooting working on every type of event from Hollywood Movie Premiers to interviewing the CEO of Disney to the red carpet at the Oscars and even wiring up the President whenever he came to town.
         At this point he began acquiring all the equipment he would need to handle his own Productions, including Cameras, Lights, Green Screen and Location Audio gear,
         He got tired of calling his web designer for simple changes to his web site, so he began taking courses in Web Design programs including: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Fireworks, Illistrator and Final Cut X.

Gary began editing the Mrs. America Pageant videos and soon after was asked to travel to Vietnam and film and edit the 2009 Mrs. World Pageant. Soon thereafter
he was promoted to video director for both the Mrs. America and Mrs. World Pageants. He has traveled to China and many exotic countries for these pageants.

While he wasn't working on the pageants he spent time as Michael Jackson's videographer and editor for the THIS IS IT tour. Unfortunately Michael passed and that position ended.